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Website Solutions for Your Company There is more to a professional business website than just throwing some pictures and text together on the web. If you are going to invest in a building an online presence, make sure to do it right. You need a range of website solutions that will allow you to:

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  1. Get the results you need in a way you can measure.
  2. Interact with your customers and soon-to-be customers anytime and anywhere.
  3. Build your company’s brand up in a positive way.


If your current website is failing in one of these three areas, not only are you wasting money, but you are wasting an opportunity to grow your business online.

See what it takes to build a truly effective and professional website

Expert Website Design

Website design is so much more than just making things look pretty. It is a true marriage of form and function. An expertly designed website will:

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  • Look great. First impressions are important. Your website will often be the first interaction a new customer will have with your company. Don’t scare them off with an ugly site.
  • Ensure the user’s (your customer) experience is positive. You want visitors to enjoy being on your website. This means you need a site that loads quickly, is easy to navigate, and clearly communicates information.
  • Get results. The bottom line is your website needs to deliver. Whether it’s sales, subscriptions, Facebook “likes”, or something else, your website needs to act as a funnel that pushes vistors towards your desired destination.

We Have The Tools You Need

It takes a lot of different skills to put together a compelling website. CrossWeb Creations has the experience in each of the critical areas of web design.

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  • Graphic Design: Modern and professional looking graphics are vital to establishing online credibility. We can help with all your graphic design needs, from logos to images.
  • Copywriting: Your website needs to sell, whether it’s an actual product or it’s your brand. Effective copy communicates information clearly and turns visitors into customers.
  • Photographs: High quality pictures are worth a thousand words and are vital to an effective website. We can help you find the pictures you need to complete your website.
  • E-Commerce Setup: Wouldn’t it be nice to have a cashier ringing up sales 24 hours a day? With our e-commerce package, you can turn your website into an online store.
  • Business Specific Functionality: Each business is unique and requires different things. Our approach to web design has always been to customize the site to our clients specific needs. We’ll build you what you need, and nothing that you don’t.

A Site For Every Type Of Business

With CrossWeb Creations, we build sites that are customized to your specific needs. No matter what kind of business you run, we can design a site that will fit the look and feel of your business with the functionality you need. Below you can see some examples of designs that would be appropriate for different kinds of businesses.

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Sample web designs

World-Class Hosting

It’s no good having a website if no one can access it. You need to find a web host for your site. This means placing your site on a server that is online and running 24/7 to hold so that others may visit it. CrossWeb Creations takes care of all the technical requirements needed to host your site on high performance servers located in a state of the art data center.

The advantages of a data center are security, reliability, and performance. The facility is secure, with diesel powered backup generators in case of emergencies. The network is monitored 24/7 with staff on hand to ensure your site is always accessible.

The benefits of hosting with CrossWeb Creations include:

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  • Unlimited storage – you never have to worry about running out of space
  • Unlimited bandwidth – your site will be able to handle all the traffic it receives
  • Daily website backups – never worry about losing your data

Actionable Analytics

It is hard to improve on things you cannot measure. The beauty of a websites built by CrossWeb Creations, is that you will be able to measure everything that happens on your site. With access the data anytime and our monthly analytics reports, you’ll receive the information and recommendations you need to make good business decisions. With our analytics, you’ll always be able to know:

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Sample Analytics Report
Sample Analytics Report
  • Number of new and returning visitors to your site
  • How the visitors found your site
  • Where your visitors are located
  • How long visitors stayed on your site and where they looked
  • Goal tracking: set a target action (such as subscribing to a newsletter or making a purchase) and track your conversions



Custom Email Addresses

Custom Email Addresses
Sign in to your own custom email

Maintain the credibility you’ve earned through your new website with custom email addresses. You no longer have to settle for emailing customers with a hotmail account. Now you can easily project a professional appearance with a custom email account.

These email accounts are powered through Google Apps, which is being used by over 4 million business world wide. You’ll be able to use the powerful and familiar Gmail features anywhere there is an internet connection. The custom email setup includes:

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  • Up to 10 email accounts included
  • Unlimited [tooltip text=”An alias is an additional email address when a user can receive emails. For example, emails to both and both go to the same inbox.”]aliases[/tooltip]
  • Access to Google Calendar and Documents
  • Your work is always backed up and available from any computer or smart phone
  • No equipment to buy or maintain

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